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The most user-friendly dynamic pricing software 

PriceShape A/S is a Danish tech company that specializes in price monitoring, competitor monitoring, 

pricing and strategy for ecommerce businesses and brands. We give you a complete overview of your
retailer's prices, competitors' prices and price history, stock status, etc. 
Moreover, do we provide you with
all the tools and data you need to be able to implement and fully automate dynamic, 
data-driven pricing and
strategies both online and in physical stores - and to optimize your digital marketing and spend - directly from
our software.

Both you and your team will each get your own personal dashboard that shows all the price data you need,
so you always have a complete and updated overview of your competitive situation in the market.
It enables you to optimize and automate your pricing strategy quickly and efficiently, and help you place 
your advertising spend where it provides the most value for your business. And with our industry-leading
Customer Success Program, you'll be transformed into a PriceShape super user in no time.

Our software provides value for all e-commerce businesses of all sizes, and will allow you and your
business to:

Boost your sales & increase your revenue

Knowing your competitors' prices and stock levels allows you to have set the right price, at the right
time, on the right products, and will take your sales to the next level. Setting your own dynamic pricing rules
will help raise your prices on the products, where you are currently priced too low or too high. This means
you can maximize revenue with each sale; because sales are not always about lowering prices.

Dynamic pricing: Enrich your Google Shopping Feed increase your ROAS

We identify the products where you are most competitive and have the highest profit margin, which
means you can place your marketing budget directly towards campaigns promoting these products.

Personal Dashboard & insightful data

Specify and customize the information presented in your dashboard to meet the needs a specific
user or department. With a clear list of retailers, you can find your biggest retailers, keep track of
their pricing, stock, price history, trends, and see how they position your brand relative to other brands they sell.

Save time with plug'n'play

We find and monitor all your competitors' prices on a daily basis - and our dynamic pricing machine will
automatically adjust your prices, to win more sales and maximize your revenue. All you have to do is
upload your products to PriceShape, you can also follow how each retailer's products perform. No more
manual control of a handful of competitors - you got it all in PriceShape.

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