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Webshop-partners ApS

Webshop-Partners ApS works with online marketing at eye level with the customer.

Webshop-Partners has existed for more than 5 years, where working with Dandomain Webshop customers has been part of the business concept.

We work in 3  main areas, when working with Dandomain Webshops:

  • External Marketing Manager.
    We help both new and existing Webshops to market themselves to their market. We help uncover the webshop's market and potential, and help find the right business partners, who can make the webshop grow.
    Subsequently, we make sure that efforts and results are followed up, so that it's always ensured that everyone is working in the same direction, and towards the same goal.
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  • Dandomain Webshop Strategy.
    We help new and existing Webshops to settle in and get the best possible start or results.
    How do I find the ideal market for my products or services?
    How should I prioritize my marketing to achieve the best or fastest results?
    Which business partners will be best for me?
    How can you best measure whether you are doing it right?
    We prepare a thorough report for the customer after the investigation is completed, and the plan is followed up after 3 months, to see if everything has gone according to plan.
    As a supplement or separate service, Webshop-Partners help with the basic establishing at Google, including Google Analytics, Google MyBusiness and Google Ads.
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  • Teaching and lectures.
    Webshop-Partners teaches basic concepts within Online marketing, and holds the lecture called "Google is God".
    If the customer has the courage or interest in trying to work with online marketing themselves, Webshop-Partners offers basic training in e.g. Google marketing; social media, and email marketing.
    Teaching is agreed individually, and can also take the form of a general basic course at a fixed price.
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Webshop-Partners functions as an external marketing manager at the Web (...)

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