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Connect Plytix with your DanDomain Webshop for error-free product data, done in half the time.

Plytix is Product Information Management software, designed for the way small and mid-sized businesses sell today.

Your products have a lot of content: prices, descriptions, photos, and more. If you’re storing it all in spreadsheets or your webshop—don’t. That's just not efficient. Instead, use Plytix as your central source of truth for product information so you can:

  • Easily edit products in bulk
  • Collaborate with your team seamlessly
  • Centralize product information for all your sales channels and retailers in one place
  • Optimize product content for sales on all channels, not just your webshop
  • Work in a safe sandbox environment before posting new or updated products to your store
  • Keep your DanDomain Webshop automatically updated with changes made in Plytix

Who uses Plytix?

Plytix was founded in Copenhagen in 2015. We now have employees and customers all over the world, but Denmark is still close to our hearts as our third-largest customer base, after the US and UK.

Though anyone can use it, Plytix is the only PIM specially designed (and priced!) for small and mid-sized businesses, especially those:

  • With between 10 and 1,000 employees
  • Managing between 100 and 100,000 SKUs
  • In the home decor, sporting goods, construction, apparel, and electronics industries

Why Plytix?

Plytix was voted the best PIM in the world for SMBs for a reason. Actually, three reasons:

1. Easy to use

“I find the product super user-friendly to get anyone up and running in no time. Compared to other PIMs out there it's very easy to implement.” Marwan Abolmagd, Growth Data Scientist, SHUZ by Vollaerts

2. Fair price

“When looking for a PIM, we demoed a lot of different products. Plytix was by far the most user-friendly and cost-effective option for us.” Ciara Finn, Director of Ecommerce, Wholesome Goods

3. Great customer support

“They are always so damn friendly and happy to go above and beyond for their customers.” Adam Racovalis, Partner, Adam & Milo

Ready to see how Plytix can work for you?

Customer Cases

Toner Buzz: “Plytix is 2x faster than updating data manually.”

Toner Buzz uses Plytix as a centralized place to manage their three we (...)

Baldinini: “We can update assets automatically and control everything from one place.”

Baldinini needed an integrated PIM and DAM solution to grow their sale (...)

Telco Accessories: “We’re able to double the amount and type of content we store online.”

When Telco Accessories started selling on more channels, spreadsheets (...)

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