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Make Influence

Helping brands building scaleable influencer programs, from A to Z.

What is Make Influence?

Make Influence is the first creators marketplace for performance driven influencer marketing. We help over 200 brands and 2500 social creators discovering each other and starting, managing and expanding mutually beneficial collaborations that are based on data.  

What can we help you with?

With Make Influence, brands can:  

  1. Discover Influencer: Discover over 2000 verified and active influencers that are already using Make Influence to find and manage brand collaborations. From 1500 to 100'000 followers, from fashionistas to foodies, on Make Influence you are guaranteed to find something for you.  
  2. Vet Influencers: by using real-time and detailed datapoints that are available only because they have connected their social accounts to find the perfect profiles for your campaign, from audience demographics, location and languages to impressions and reach. 
  3. Create professional campaign briefs build professional briefs in minutes, that explain your campaign goals with clarity and present your brand in a way that resonates with creators. 
  4. Recruit influencers: invite your favourite creators to collaborate and review applications from those that are interested in participating to your campaign. The smartest and fastest way to get a collaboration started. 
  5. Track and monitor performance: our technology allows you to automatically track clicks and sales generated, from campaign level all the way down to individual influencers. 
  6. Analyse content: always know when new content is posted and look at how it performs so that you can repurpose the best one later. 
  7. Pay influencers based on performance: with our Pay-per-click and pay-per-sale campaigns, you pay influencers a commission for each result they generate - directly on the platform, without moving a finger. 

What makes us different? 

We are different, and it's not just another marketing slogan. 

1. We are a marketplace, not a platform. 

We do not only offer you tools to manage your influencer marketing program, but access to a vibrant community of creators that are looking to make a career out of professional brand collaborations. 

2. We are performance based. 

We are the only solution in the market with such a strong focus on data and performance. We are betting that influencer marketing will be the performance marketing of the future, and we are building that future by granting you full access to all the possible data we can get our hands on. We are also the only influencer marketing solution that allows you to pay influencers directly based on the conversion event you want to optimize your campaign for: be it impressions, clicks or sales. 

3. We have a proven methodology to help you scale. 

We don't only provide you with the tools, but also with a proven strategic approach to build and manage influencer marketing programs that are efficient, effective and scaleable. We call it the Make Influence methodology, and we are happy to share it with you. 

Who are we for? 

We have helped brands of any shape and size in over 15 different industries, but here is what they have in common: 

  • Willingness to adopt influencer marketing as a strategic channel in the long run. 
  • An understanding of the value of testing and working with data. 
  • At least 10 hours a week to dedicate to the channel. 
  • Best suited for digital native, e-commerce and d2c brands selling products online. 

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What are the benefits of signing up through Dandomain?

As a dandomain customer, you have access to an exclusive discount to Makeinfluence. 

  1. 10% off your 6 months subscription 🛫
  2. 20% off your 12 months subscription. 🚀

To claim the offer, book a meeting with us through this link. 


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