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Heyloyalty: E-mail marketing and marketing automation 

Heyloyalty is a Danish, 100 % GDPR compliant, e-mail marketing platform with Danish guides and Danish support - currently, we only offer our platform in Danish. You can use the integration directly through your DanDomain webshop and utilize your customers' data and history in order to send them relevant and personalized e-mails and push-notifications. With Heyloyalty, you can utilize effective automations such as welcome flows, win back flows and abandoned cart flows.

If you want to take it to the next level, or you need help with your e-mail marketing set-up, we have in-house specialists, who can help you reach your goals. Furthermore, we have a Danish support - they're ready to help with issues you might face on our platform.

Why Heyloyalty?

Heyloyalty is already integrated with your webshop; you can easily activate the app and you're ready within a few minutes. You will gain access to valuable data on the receivers of you e-mails; you can use this data to target your communication. Furthermore, you get free Danish support while using a 100 % GDPR compliant marketing automation platform. Our support is always ready to help you, so you can be successful with your marketing automation set-up. 

If you have less than 200 contacts and send less than 1.000 e-mail per month, Heyloyalty is free of charge. If your need is bigger than this, our prices starts at 99, - DKK per month. 

You can choose between two license types.

Heyloyalty standard license:

Our standard license is for users who wish to make smart, effective and creative e-mail marketing, without the need of more advanced automations. As a DanDomain user, you have the possibility to integrate your webshop directly in Heyloyalty - meaning that customer specific data will be pulled from your website to Heyloyalty. You can use this for e.g. abandoned cart or win back triggers. 

Heyloyalty Heycommerce license:

Our Heycommerce license allows more advanced triggers. Similar to the integration in the standard license, data will be pulled from your website to Heyloyalty. The main difference is that you can use this data for more advanced triggers - for example, you can send mails based on: the customers product interests, brand interests, category interests, or other customized automation triggers. 

Additionally, you can buy 3 add-on modules:

Unique vouchers: 

  • The voucher module allows you to send discount vouchers to customers. For example, you can create an automatic birthday e-mail which includes a specific voucher. We recommend that these vouchers are not generic (e.g. "Summer2022"), as these type of vouchers can be used by anyone - here, our platform can help by sending unique vouchers. 

Pop-ups and overlays: 

  • With our Heyoverlay module, you can make creative pop-ups, sticky bars, and landing pages on your website. For example, you can make onsite pop-ups for abandoned carts - when customers are exitting your website with products in their carts.

Push messages:

  • Heypush can (like Heyoverlay) be used to send short and specific messages - however, they're push notifications and not pop-ups. Based on this, you can target your communication directly in the customer's browser - this can be used to inform visitors on your website about changes, discounts, or news. 

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