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Less time on administration - more time on your customers

GECKO is a danish company with more than 20 years of experience in booking and event systems. From the beginning, we have specialized in providing the most optimal web solutions that can be used by companies in all industries and sizes. That is why we have one of the most flexible booking and event systems on the market today. And while we take care of your administration, you can do what you do best, namly focus on our customers.

Systems that make your everyday life easier

GECKO Booking creates an overview of your everyday life. It can be accessed directly from your website and it can be designed in personal layouts to match your website. It can be accessed directly from your website and can be designed in a personal layout to match your website. The system is easy for your customers to use, and easy for you to see all bookings for the day, week or month. You can create pair bookings, booking of services, classes, rooms, resources, etc.

GECKO Event makes it easy to manage events. At each event, you have the option of managing registration numbers, texts, fill-in fields, and you can easily set up deregistration options, waiting lists, online payment, etc. The event system can be designed in a personal layout to match your company. 

More than a standard system

Whether you need a booking or system, you will quickly find that there are unimaginable amounts of options. Our  big selection of add-on modules gives you many more options compared to a standard system. Therefore, you can easily customize your booking or event system to suit exactly your needs. 

  • The SMS Module helps to avoid costly no-shows by sending reminders of appointments.
  • In the Journal Module, you can create journals for individual customers according to the requirements of the Danish Data Protection Agency. The journals can be tailored to your specific needs. 
  • The Marketing Module allows you to easily send newsletters and promotional offers to your customers via SMS and email.
  • In the Gift / Value Card Module, you can make gift cards, vouchers, discount cards and cards for subscriptions. The value cards can be designed to match your company. 
  • With the Cash Register Module, you will get an electronic cash register that can be connected directly to GECKO Booking. In the Cash Register Module, it is also possible to gather several self-employed people in the same system. 
  • Online payment makes the payment easy for both you and your customers. The module allows customers to pay for events, services and value cards online, and it provides for automatic withdrawal of subscriptions.
  • With the Questionnaire Module, you have the opportunity to collect information about your customers. The questionnaires can be tailored to your specific needs. 
  • The Document Module allows you to send customized contracts, referrals or other documents to your customers. 

We support you - all the way

We believe that personal support is crucial to your success with your booking or event system. That is why we are always ready to support you with setups, changes, questions or other things by phone or email. Our support is completely free - also after your demo period. 

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