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Triggerbee is an onsite personalization tool that allows you to create and publish personalized messages, offers, and forms on your website targeted to customers using data from your email and CRM software.

👉  Create personalized messages, discount offers, promotions, forms, and more

👉  Target contacts from your CRM or E-mail database on your website

👉  Enrich your CRM and E-mail contacts with activity data from your website

With Triggerbee it’s easy to make your website experience more relevant and personalized. All you have to do to get started is copy and paste our tracking code onto your website, integrate your email or CRM software, and publish a campaign. 

Our drag-and-drop builder is made for quickly creating beautiful messages that can be targeted to specific audiences and individuals. 

Some of the largest e-commerce brands in the Nordics use Triggerbee’s personalization software to drive new membership signups, engage loyal customers, and drive sales with personalized offers based on who’s visiting their site and where they are in their customer journey.

Here are a few popular use cases

📈 Grow your newsletter subscribers up to 5x faster
Exclude or include subscribers in your campaign targeting to grow your email list up to 5x faster

⏱️ Increase sales using FOMO
Add countdown timers in your campaigns to drive urgency and double your conversions!

🙋 Get more members to sign up for your loyalty club
Incentivize visitors to sign up for your loyalty club, or create a new membership!

💰 Push category promotions
Make it easier for visitors to find current promotions and sales

💻 Increase the conversion rate of your most important pages with embedded content 
Instead of using popups or callouts you can embed and target personalized content on your product pages, in the website footer, at the bottom of your blog posts and more.

💬 Greet visitors coming from influencer campaigns - with a message from the influencer!
Guide visitors from social media with a message from an influencer they like, and help them find the product they are looking for.

Key benefits of using Triggerbee

  • Take ownership of your audience (and growth) by collecting first- and zero-party data about your visitors, customers, and subscribers.
  • Lower the cost of advertising by creating more effective customer communication
  • Create audiences (in Triggerbee) from segments and lists in your email or CRM, that can be targeted with personalized messages when they visit your website
  • A/B-test your campaigns to optimize your conversion rate
  • Award-winning support
  • Easy to use and easy to get started
  • Give your customers a more relevant website experience :)

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