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Shipmondo ApS

Shipmondo - a complete order and shipping solution for business owners

As Denmark's largest freight portal, with more than 40,000 customers in the Nordic countries, we work hard to make it easy, cheap, and fast for companies to manage orders, and shipments and create shipping labels - whether you are a small company that needs access to attractive shipping rates or a larger one with your own shipping agreements.


Send with popular carriers such, as Bring, Danske Fragtmænd, dao, DHL, GLS, and PostNord depending on your sender country, from the moment you create a free account - and/or get your own shipping agreement set up with your preferred carrier(s) and gather all your freight booking in one place.

We have no subscription, binding, or hidden fees. You pay only for your consumption.

Connect your Dandomain webshop with Shipmondo

Save time with Shipmondo. Integrate your Dandomain webshop with your Shipmondo account and automate your order management. With the integration solution, your orders are automatically imported into your Shipmondo account, so you can quickly and easily create shipments and print labels. You can both create shipments individually and mass-create them all at once depending on what suits your workflow and your needs.

In Shipmondo, you also get access to several free features, all of which have the purpose of making your work easier. For instance, when you use Shipmondo Order Management, there are different pick-and-pack solutions that you can use - both a digital and paperless pick with product images and order checks as well as physical pick lists. In addition, you can streamline your work with a scanner or terminal, use shipment monitoring, and implement the Shipmondo Return Portal. And much more.

You decide what features you want to use - because you can customize your Shipmondo account exactly to your needs. You access all the features from day one, without any costs or subscriptions. 

Finely tuned customer service 

We make a virtue out of helping our customers. That's why we have a Help Center filled with great advice and answers to your questions. If you would like personal help, we're ready both behind our computers and by the phones. 


How to get started 

It's super-easy to get started streamlining your order and freight management through Shipmondo. All it takes is for you to create a free account. You can do that right here.

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