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For your company to accept card payments, it requires that you have an active acquiring agreement.


When your customers pay with their card, it is our job as a payment provider to check and clear the transaction. We make sure that there is coverage on the customers bank account, that the amount is reserved, that the money is withdrawn and deposited into your company bank account. All this happens quickly and smoothly behind the scenes, so you can think about more important things!


Therefore, Worldline has created a close collaboration with Team.Blue – DanDomain. The collaboration is to ensure that you as a webshop owner get the right product from the start and get off to a good start. With an acquiring agreement through Worldline, there are many advantages such as; A transparent price, accountant approved bookkeeping program and access to the largest network on all Visa, Mastercard and Maestro cards. Bambora was acquired by Worldline in 2020, and has become one of Europe's leading payment providers and is presented globally on both the instore and online markets.


Our vision with the collaboration is to make it flexible and easier for companies to receive card payments online, with a good cash flow without delays. We have no hidden fees, long binding periods or other boring surprises. The collaboration started back in 2015, where Worldline in its time supported and delivered both the gateway system and acquiring agreement. Since then, Smartweb grew into Team.Blue and developed their own gateway system (OnPay), so Worldline now only delivers the acquiring agreement. There is a strong collaboration as a foundation, and this has developed during both acquisitions and alternative times where new thinking has had to be done. The focus along the way has always been to have our mutual customers at the center and deliver the best possible solution as well as support and customer service.


If you want to know more about the collaboration and Worldline's redemption agreement, you can fill in the form here and be contacted.

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