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Fix Analytics by deranged

Fix Analytics is the fastest and cheapest way to stay GDPR-compliant while using Google Analytics.

  • 75-90% cheaper than alternatives (depending on number of visitors)
  • It takes just 10 minute to setup
  • Keep your analytics history when Universal Analytics shuts down July 1st 2023

Using Google Analytics as-is in the EU is not legal, as determined by Austrian, French and Danish national data protection agencies. If you don't pseudonymize data, you risk large fines as data protection agencies ramp up enforcement.

Don't worry, it's really easy to fix. And our solution starts at € 5 per year(!), is future-proof, and helps you easily move to the best solution for you. The initial payment covers the first 500,000 tracking-events, where after it costs € 0.01 per 1,000 tracking-events. We made a calculator for you.

Read more, sign up, and be GDPR-compliant in 10 minutes on https://deranged.dk/da/fix-analytics/dandomain

About deranged

deranged is a software consultancy with a focus on helping small- and mid-size companies get the most impact for money when using or building software. We automate business processes and build custom software for companies that are ready to scale. https://deranged.dk

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