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Let your business customers buy on invoice with B2B Buy Now, Pay Later from Biller. Buyers can buy today and pay up to 90 days later, while you get paid in seven, with Biller taking on the invoice admin and credit risk.

Accelerate business growth today. Sign up for Biller and start offering invoice and B2B Buy Now Pay Later to business buyers!


Sign up for a Biller account here.

. Why you should offer Biller in your checkout

With Biller, both you and your business buyers benefit.

You get:

  • Improved cash flow – because you get paid in seven days (regardless of when your buyers choose to pay)

  • No credit risk – it’s ours

  • Increased acceptance rate and average order value

  • Simplified checkout process and reduces cart abandonment

Your buyers get:

  • Improved cash flow – because they can delay payment

  • Invoice as a payment option

  • Flexible payment terms – they decide when they pay

  • A better payment experience which means they’re more likely to return

How Biller works


A secure way for customers to pay

With Biller, you don't have to worry about the security of your customers’ payment details. They’re safe! The integration redirects them to Biller’s PCI-DSS audited servers where they complete their payment. 

After their payment is complete, they get redirected back to your webshop and you’ll be notified whether the payment has been completed, cancelled or failed.

Account and pricing

You need a Biller account to integrate Biller as a payment method. Additional fees apply. Contact us via this form to get pricing information and sign up for a Biller account.

Biller promises results

Customers that have activated Biller in their webshops are seeing: