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Sell ​​on marketplaces and let Sello automate and centralize your e-commerce.

Avoid the e-commerce headache and do as 2000 other e-retailers do - let us tie your e-commerce together and increase your sales!

Are you already selling on marketplaces today or are you new to marketplaces and want help getting started?

Sello is a complete e-commerce platform with over 16 years of experience in helping e-retailers like you connect the systems you use. Webshop as ERP, WMS, TA system, m.m. Whatever you use for systems today, we have the solution for you.

We help you to:

  • Connect your systems to your Sello account and the marketplaces you wish to sell on/already are selling on.
  • Fetch your products from your shop at DanDomain and map the product data to the marketplace's product requirements so that everything is automated. In other words. you avoid all manual work.
  • Make sure that all products you want to sell in each marketplace are completed and meet the requirements.
  • Tests the order flow so that everything sinks as it should.

What is included?

  • You get access to all our 50+ marketplaces and systems.
  • You get access to all our features + analysis tools.
  • You always get your very own onboarding manager who helps you get started and out on marketplaces.

What does Sello cost?

With Sello, you always get a 14-day free trial period, ie. Sello is completely free for 14 days.

We also have a 100% risk-free policy, meaning you never have to pay anything until you receive your first order

Binding/notice period? - No, we don't believe in that. We want you to continue using Sello because you are satisfied, not because you are tied up.

Start-up cost? No. As mentioned above, Sello is completely free to try.

Once you start receiving sales, Sello will charge a fixed monthly fee of €19 as well as a commission that is entirely based on your sales. The more you sell, the lower the commission. You can read more about our commission levels and calculate it with our tool here.

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