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Confect is a creative tool that makes it easy to edit your dynamic ads.
It gives you, as an e-commerce business, a large array of creative tools at your disposal to create and optimize the content of your marketing material across all relevant marketing channels, such as:

  • Facebook

  • Klaviyo

  • Pinterest

  • Snapchat

  • Email marketing

  • In-store displays

This makes Confect a valuable and versatile omnichannel tool.

Confect makes it easy to optimize, adjust and change your marketing material depending on the seasons such as Easter, Christmas, Black Friday, or just a specific upcoming sale on the horizon.

Confect makes sure your unique brand identity is kept intact in all the ads you create. So the customers know exactly which ads are your ads.

Confect gives you the opportunity to increase your performance and ROAS by making it easy to edit the design on your dynamic ads such as for retargeting and your abandoned cart email flows and at the same time optimize your product feeds and email banners.

Save your Resources
Confect makes it easy for marketers to get an acceptable creative without the necessity of having an in-house graphic designer.

Increased Performance/ROAS
It is important to update your creatives, whether for a seasonal change or for retargeting, and with Confect it is intuitive and easy to edit, making it possible to keep your ad running longer, so you don’t miss out on potential increases in performance and ROAS.

On Brand Ads
Confect can help you stand out from the crowd, so your ads don’t look like your competitors.

With Confect it is easy to keep your brand identity intact on all your marketing channels, while it won’t take more of your time to make them which means you can combine quality with quantity.

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