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Great product descriptions help your webshop perform better

Use IC Robotics to automate your text generation with an easy setup. With a magical combination of data and natural language, you can ensure beautiful and unique product descriptions that match your Tone of Voice. 

👉🏼 Convert more

Informative and SEO-optimized product descriptions will make customers and Google love you.

👉🏼 Save time and money

An automated setup ensures that you never have to write a product description again.

👉🏼 Increase text quality

Connecting data and text gives you full control of the structure and quality of the texts.

👋🏼 Say goodbye to tedious writing | Unleash the power of automated creativity

With a magical combination of data and natural language, IC Robotics automates your product descriptions making sure your products have beautiful and unique descriptions that match your Tone of Voice.

⚒️ A tool for automated text Get an effortless flow of product descriptions

IC Robotics is a data-to-text software with powerful features that can generate thousands of detailed product descriptions tailored to your brand.

It is scalable to all your products and will save you time and resources while maximizing your online visibility and sales. Let IC Robotics handle the product descriptions while you focus on what you do best.

🚀 Supercharge your product descriptions | Connecting data and text with an easy integration setup

Using product data is an efficient way to optimize your product descriptions. It ensures relevant information for customers and reduces the risk of duplicate content, which makes the texts perform better on search engines.

🤝 Full service included

With our extensive expertise in data, automatization, and product descriptions, we've got your back in achieving your goals. Whether you're looking to streamline resources, boost conversions, or enhance your customer journey, we've got you covered every step of the way.

🔥 Accelerate your content with the power of AI

What happens when you bring together the power of AI and the brilliance human mind? Quality text at speed! While no written content should be complete without a human touch, AI empowers you to work smarter with your texts.


💰 Take your cross-selling to the next level with internal link-building

Internal link-building is a brilliant way to support the customer journey, strengthen your category pages, and sell products across categories. However, implementing internal links in all descriptions can be an uphill battle. 

With IC Robotics internal link-building is a peace of cake. IC Robotics will automatically insert the right link in the text based on your product data.

⛔️ Avoid duplicate content with synonyms in your Tone of Voice

Duplicate content is an absolute no-go if you want Google to love you. However, not even the best Content Writer has the patience to write hundreds of different versions of a description for the same type of product.

This is where synonyms will be extremely helpful. IC Robotics will automatically spin between your synonyms in the text reducing the risk of duplicate content.

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