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IC Robotics - Automated Product Descriptions

IC Robotics is a tool that enables you, as an e-commerce, to automate the creation of your product descriptions. With any e-commerce, you know that product descriptions are important, but at the same time, it’s almost impossible to keep up with having a great compelling story on every single product in your store.

Avoid having a back-log of products, that need product descriptions

A very common issue for most e-commerces is having lots of products that are ready to sell, but they cannot get published, as there’s not enough time to manually write product descriptions for every single product. Sometimes they are just published with no description or worst of all, with the vendor’s description. No more with IC Robotics!

Increase performance on Google

Google loves great product descriptions that help potential customers figure out whether or not they want to purchase that particular product. A bad, or non-existing, product description, will not make you besties with Google - brilliant SEO-friendly descriptions will.

Save your resources

Use humans, where humans are needed. Save both time and money while ensuring you have on-point and engaging product descriptions on all your products. No one finds it that funny to write descriptions anyways.

Decrease the risk of duplicate content and spelling mistakes

Speaking of Google… They will for sure get mad reading the same content, as seen on another website. And for the visitor wanting to purchase a product: it doesn’t seem very reliable when there are spelling mistakes in the description. Get rid of both of those conversion killers.

A consistent tone of voice across all products

Do you have more than one content writer writing your descriptions? Or maybe it’s just not that fun to write description after description… IC Robotics helps you keep the same, consistent tone of voice and let the brand shine through on every product.

Human, Danish (and English) support

You can always expect help from a fellow Danish or English colleague at IC Robotics. You decide.

Free trial

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