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ShimmerCat provides a CDN service with an intelligent image optimization tailored specifically for ecommerce images.

Product images are the cornerstone of any online store and each of them should be optimized to its best - because image size/page weight/loading time and image quality matters for visitor experience! 

  • Did you know that ShimmerCat supports AVIF and JPEG-XL? Both formats are superior to WEBP when it comes to compression with maintained quality.

If performance and user experience is important - especially for mobile devices - Dandomain recommends you to use ShimmerCat. You can try for free in two weeks to explore the benefits!

1. ShimmerCat handles each product image individually
Individual image quality metrics instead of collective encoding. Some images are better compressed with some encoders so don’t limit your optimization to one of them

2. ShimmerCat takes a quality-first approach
Quality metrics adjusted to specific characteristics in product images from ecommerce websites

3. ShimmerCat aims at optimal image compression
Always serve the smallest file that the browser supports among several image formats. Machine-learning for detection of e.g. fabric and background

4. ShimmerCat CDN caches static resources to improve
CDN stands for Content Delivery Network and means that you have a copy of your files to be stored on a remote server, which is then displayed to your customers. The files are not only cached at the servers, but also optimized, using for example brotli compression. 

Your customers do not notice the difference in the design - because there are no differences for them - but they will notice the performance improvement. 

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