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Avoid downtime - let Alertdesk monitor your webshop

Let go of worries - let Alertdesk monitor your webshop
Downtime or a slow website is something that creates worries for many webshop owners. It gives a bad customer experience and can end up with lost sales and a bad reputation. Get rid of these worries and let Alertdesk monitor your webshop 24/7. Should any problems arise, we will notify you immediately so that you are always at the forefront of things.

We test from locations all over the world and also automatically keep an eye on when your SSL certificate expires / needs to be renewed.

We will keep you updated
Alertdesk works on all platforms and with our APP, you always have it at hand. You also have the option of inviting more users to your Alertdesk account and dividing them into teams, so you can easily control who and when they need to be notified. It can e.g. be that the development department wants to be notified of all incidents, while the support only needs to be notified if it affects the customers.

We can notify you via email, push notifications in APP and Slack. We are constantly expanding the way we notify, so that we communicate via the channels that you already use today.

We also support Zapier, Geckoboard and webhooks.

Why use Alertdesk
It should not be cumbersome to monitor its webshop. Our mission is to make website monitoring so easy that anyone can do it. Therefore, we offer that you can try Alertdesk for free for 14 days, and then you can decide to continue on a free or paying subscription.

It only takes a few minutes to create an account in Alertdesk and get started monitoring your webshop.

Dashboard and reports
Our Dashboard gives you a good overview of all the pages / checks you monitor and you can quickly identify any problems. You also have the option to show it on a TV screen so that it all runs live - ie. that all graphs are automatically updated continuously.

Dive into the individual check reports and see exactly how your website is performing. You get a detailed overview of all the tests that have been performed. You can quickly locate any issues by looking in the event log.


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