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Effective gathering of new readers for your newsletter

With a U GOT LEAD campaign, you can easily and efficiently gather a lot of new readers for your newsletter.

By adding a fun and activating element to the familiar sign-up process, the user becomes more engaged, and with the chance to win something through games, the user has an incentive to participate.


With the campaign you get:

  • Design and setup of 1 campaign in 45 days.
  • Integration with MailChimp or HeyLoyalty (if you have another platform, CSV extraction is possible).
  • Implementation on your site.
  • Possibility of purchasing a Facebook ad, promotion pop-up and setting up a design template, welcome email, etc. on your favorite email marketing platform.
  • Free support for the duration of the game.


Benefits of collecting leads using gamification

It may sound banal, but we think gaming is fun, and that's exactly why gaming campaigns work.

By activating the user, you create recognizability, and you stay in the user's consciousness for a longer period of time.

The advantages of using this tool are, among other things, that you can collect a larger amount of leads much faster. Read the case below and see how fast it can go.


Almost 10,000 new registrations in 5 weeks

One of the most recent campaigns set up with U GOT LEAD resulted in 9518 new leads in 37 days. The customer, GrowingFeet, is actively working on their email marketing, but they needed to give their newsletter a fresh breath and needed new readers. They wanted to try something new and different, so they did not hesitate when we introduced them to U GOT LEAD.

With relevant and value-creating prizes and a user-friendly design, GrowingFeet was able to welcome 9518 new readers after 37 days. This corresponded to almost 44% of those who visited the game. A conversion rate that is significantly higher than with a regular sign-up pop-up.


Should we help you?

Does this sound like something for you, or do you have questions? Then contact us at info@ugotlead.dk or call 92 82 13 76.


One time: Free
Recurring time: Free

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