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Paid marketing (PPC) Marketing tools

Daily insight into the profits, ensures that every ad crown works for you

How much profit have you made today?

Give yourself and your team the best terms for understanding the performance of your marketing channels based on real-time profit data.

ProfitMetrics.io strengthens your daily work with e-commerce via real-time profit overview and laser focus on how much profit is created from your orders, ads, campaigns and channels.

What is your gross and net profit today? With the ProfitMetrics.io Dashboard you can check hour by hour and react as soon as you notice a trend.


Do you work with Google or Facebook Ads? We calculate and send the real gross profit (profit data) per order to your favorite marketing channels, so you can easily see through where your profit is created and lost. We even learn the algorithms how to find their way to your most profitable customers. In other words - unleash the full potential of your marketing with minimal waste of advertising dollars.


Are you a do-it-yourselfer or do you have an agency?

ProfitMetrics.io works smoothly with your existing setup and makes it easy for you to make a profit for the primary KPI. We work with a large number of Denmark's and Europe's leading agencies and are happy to give your agency the necessary insight if they do not know us in advance.



Are you sure your tracking is stable and valid? In an online marketing landscape where privacy initiatives (e.g. iOS14 and the upcoming iOS15) make it harder to gain insight and overview, server-side tracking and 1st party data are a crucial key to the transparency it takes to make profitable decisions. The ProfitMetrics.io app for DanDomain runs server-by-server. In other words - we ensure that you get as accurate and valid data as possible in your marketing channels.



Customer testimonials

"After Profitmetrics has been set up on SoundStoreXL.com, it has become much easier for both our marketers and the management to get an overview of where the profit comes from - and it has to that extent helped to create good results on the bottom line. for support is also very high. You are taken seriously as a customer and get answers to your inquiries with rocket speed. 5 stars from here ".

Rasmus - Marketing at SoundStoreXL.com


The practical details

Easy and fast setup

ProfitMetrics.io has a direct integration with Dandomain, and all connections to the marketing channels are made with one click. You can thus be fully up and running in 20-30 min.

Danish company and support

We are a Danish company, so you get Danish support (chat, email and phone)

Free trial

Try ProfitMetrics.io for free for 14 days, along with your Dandomain webshop


One time: Free
Recurring time: Free

External Prices may apply

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