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Ensures that no one can copy your texts and get away with it

UlovligKopiering.dk ensures that no one can copy texts from your website and get away with it.

The tool helps you to detect when you are being illegally copied, and helps you with the subsequent securing of evidence, claims for remuneration and reimbursement as well as legal assistance.


Select Illegal Copying and be protected in the future

  • Discover when you are being copied
  • Have secure evidence that holds in court
  • Get legal assistance to remove the copied content as well as remuneration and reimbursement
  • Receive free support and advice


All cases are run according to the No Cure, No Pay principle.

UlovligKopiering.dk is with you all the way - from the copying takes place, to if the case goes to court.

Here you will find a solution that suits your specific needs.

Get started today with a free FREEMIUM subscription: https://ulovligkopiering.dk/opret/


Why protect against copying?

There are several reasons why you should protect the content of your website. First and foremost, you have the copyright to your texts - and then there is a violation of the law when others choose to copy your content.

In addition, it damages your rankings in the search results, as there is duplicate content when the same content is found on several different websites.

If you work with search engine optimization, you know that duplicate content will be penalized. Google can not figure out who owns the copyright to the content, and therefore it will be random which website is displayed in the search results.

In other words, you could risk a competitor's website appearing in the search results, even if they have stolen text or images from your website - even if you have had the content on your website for a long time.


All-inclusive solution

Are the texts on your website unique? In other words, if the texts are only on your own website, you should protect your content from copying.

With UlovligKopiering.dk we register when someone copies content from your website, and then we send you a message about the copying.

This way, we can first of all ask the other party to remove the copied content again so that it does not affect your rankings in the search results.

In addition, we send a financial claim (remuneration and reimbursement) on your behalf. You can read much more about our system and the process here: https://ulovligkopiering.dk/beskyt-dit-indhold/


One time: Free
Recurring time: Free

External Prices may apply

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Ulovlig Kopiering ApS
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