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Premium SSL certifikat

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Increase confidence in your webshop with a Premium SSL certificate

Increase the security of your webshop with SSL

With a Premium SSL certificate, your customers can be sure that your webshop is a safe place to shop. SSL stands for "Secure Sockets Layer" and is an encryption technology that ensures that only you and your customer can read the information sent between you e.g. your customer's email address or login code. SSL is best known as the green padlock in the browser.

It is not only your customers who will have extra high confidence in your webshop if it has SSL. So will Google. Google will therefore place you higher in the search results when you have an SSL certificate, because your webshop is thus a more secure place to shop.


Benefits of SSL

  • Creates customer confidence with the green padlock.
  • Increases the conversion rate because customers feel 100% confident in your webshop.
  • Creates better visibility on Google because Google uses SSL as a ranking parameter.
  • Ensures that your Google Shopping campaigns are not suspended, where SSL is now a requirement.
  • Increases the security of your webshop and prepares you for the future.


Features of Premium SSL certificate

  • Creation: DKK 0
  • SSL encryption of single domain or subdomain
  • Example (https: //www.domain.dk)
  • 256 bit encryption
  • 2048 bit industry standard SSL certificate
  • Including installation on server
  • Green padlock that confirms the security of the domain


The payment gateway is always secure!

SSL is always applicable to payment solutions - where customers provide their most sensitive information such as credit card information.

This means that your webshop is already secure, but the new SSL module maximizes security by ensuring that all communication between your customer and e.g. your server is being encrypted. This means that all information entered or generated on your webshop cannot be intercepted by a third party.


Some certificates are cheaper - why?

We are very committed to offering increased security to our customers. SSL certificates fluctuate a lot in quality. We have therefore chosen to sell a certificate that we believe has the right level of quality and price.


Some SSL certificates are cheaper due to:

  • It has a minor degree of validation
  • It expires faster (eg 3 or 6 months) and needs to be renewed more often


One time: Free
Recurring time: Free

External Prices may apply

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