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Ongoing WMS

Do you need to streamline your warehouse and logistics management? Ongoing WMS is a web-based Warehouse Management System for logistics-intensive e-commerce companies. The service helps you automate and pick faster with better accuracy.

Smart functions that streamline your warehouse
Ongoing WMS helps you automate and pick faster with greater transparency and more control over your warehouse. The service enables tracking of serial numbers, batch, and best-before dates. The picking of products becomes free of errors by a range of scanning functions. Picking with a picking trolley is an example of a useful scanning function for e-commerce logistics.

Get started quickly
You get started right after the web demo. Our customers find Ongoing WMS easy to use, intuitive and easy to learn. Existing integrations make the process easier to get started. Software as a Service (SaaS) involves a monthly fee based on the number of users - no entry fee or cumbersome installation required.

Personal and fast customer service
As a customer, you will be assigned a competent and logistics-savvy system developer as your personal contact person. Your contact person will provide fast and competent help so that your logistics always flow efficiently.

The market's largest range of Integrations & APIs
Ongoing WMS has the market's largest range of integrations to e-commerce platforms, ERPs, transport systems and automation solutions. Modern APIs (technical interfaces) allow other parties to easily integrate.

Existing integration
As a Dandomain user, you can easily and smoothly get started with Ongoing WMS by using the ready-made integration. The integration creates a sleepless information flow where items and orders are automatically transferred from the web shop to Ongoing WMS. At the same time, stock balances from Ongoing WMS are reported back to the web shop.

Of course, the integration works just as well for those who outsource their warehouse to a 3PL company that uses Ongoing WMS.

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