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Daisycon is an international affiliate network, founded in Amsterdam in year 2000.
With Nordic offices in Aarhus, Stockholm and Helsinki - Daisycon offers affiliate marketing to leading ecommerce advertisers in the entire Nordic region.

When starting an affiliate program at Daisycon, webshops can be promoted by a wide range of media partners (affiliates) active on Daisycon's platform, on purely 'no cure, no pay'-agreements.
This means the webshop only pays a pre-determined percentage of the sales the affiliates generate to the webshop - no cost-per-click, hourly or monthly fees and so on.

Examples of affiliates actively promoting Daisycon's advertisers:
* Comparison sites such as Pricerunner and Kelkoo
* Niche content sites
* CSS partners promoting via Google Shopping Ads
* Retargeting affiliates
* Discount- and cashback sites
* Blogs / Influencers
* Closed portals (Student portals etc.)
* Tech partners and browser extensions
And much more...

Daisycon offers proactivity, ecommerce competence and transparency to their webshops. Advertisers can manually approve every media, follow affiliate program's developed and have access to a wide range of statistics on the media partners' performance.

Daisycon collaborates with Nordic webshops such as: Decofarver, Bad.no, Davidsen, Birk Sport, Zizzi and My Home Møbler.

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