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Foecon helps small and medium-sized companies with paid advertising, strategy & webshops. For the past few years, we have dealt with paid advertising, where we have also run a medium-sized webshop. FOECON is a 100% results-based agency that focuses on creating added value for customers.

We work with Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, Pinterest Ads & SEO.

We help with building a new webshop and redesign to achieve a higher conversion rate on Dandomain / Hosted webshops.

Foecon is an SMV advisor and can both guide and advise in this regard.

A normal process at Foecon:

1. Online meeting where we review the customer's needs / challenges
2. Team Foecon creates a tailor-made strategy for the customer, based on the customer's needs and wishes
3. Review with the customer, where a price is agreed
4. The collaboration starts
5. Foecon comes with weekly updates on collaboration through Slack / mail
6. Foecon holds 14 days of meetings with the customers, in order to always be sharp on their current situation
7. Continuous loom updates with status

No strings attached - plug and play
Team Foecon is available every day of the week

Foecon runs the No-Cure-No-Pay Google Shopping solution

We drive 100% performance-based

  • At Foecon, the solution is plug and play from day to day
  • We pay the Google Ads expenses, you only pay x-% for the orders that come from us
  • We are a Google CSS Premium Partner
  • We have more than 2,000 customers both in and outside the EU
  • We are currently in: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Italy & Poland
  • We help set up the integration, with tracking and feed for your webshop Foecon's own analysis platform to keep an eye on all results

See what our customers are saying:
We are very satisfied with our collaboration with Frederik. We have collaborated with Frederik in connection with updating and further developing our websites, as well as helping with advertising on our social media. We greatly appreciate Frederik's creative thoughts, flexibility, approachability and concrete solutions. We can strongly recommend Frederik!

Rikke S. - CMO InGarden & Growcamp

Foeocn has from day 1 helped us get started with building our Dandomain webshop and our online strategy. After Frederik took on the task, we have had a growth of 100% per year for the past 2 years. The plumbing professional gives the best recommendations for Frederik and Foecon 👍🏼

Henrik Korshøj - Owner at VVSproffen

Foecon.dk has been the movement for us! I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Foecon, who have helped us all the way with everything related to setup & marketing and doing! We had gradually tried several different business partners without success - Until Foecon took over; which had the right structure to combine marketing & setup in one. Really impressive by Frederik! We are really happy with the results!! DBH. Dollar store.

Mohmed - CMO at Dollarstore

Companies such as Foecon i.a. have helped:


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Customer Cases

Gulv-grossiten.dk - Webshop structure & Integration for finance & marketing

Foecon has helped the flooring wholesaler get started with a Dandomain (...)

Growcamp.dk - Webshop opbygning & Integration til økonomi & markedsføring

Foecon has moved Growcamp from a Wordpress / Woo-commerce solution to (...)

Dollarstore.dk - Webshop structure & Integration for finance & marketing

Foecon has helped build the Dollarstore webshop with integration to th (...)

InGarden.dk - Webshop construction & Integration for finance & marketing

Foecon has optimized the design and flow of the InGarden.dk Hosted sol (...)

VVSproffen.dk - Webshop construction & Integration for finance & marketing

Foecon has built the entire webshop structure around the plumbing prof (...)

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