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ELISA helps ambitious retailers sell their products through livestreams on social media. Above all else, our mission is to enable, support, and empower retailers on a global level.

Our intelligent and ever improving software solution ELISA makes it easy to create entertaining and informative live shopping experiences for old and new customers alike. Take a look at our website to see our many cool features or start your 14 days free trial with ELISA.

Thanks to ELISA, retailers all over Europe are reaching their goals with minimal effort. Dont believe us? Then go to our customer cases and see for yourself. Our customers don’t exaggerate - and neither do we.

Since the birth of our company in February of 2021, we have achieved the following:

  • Helped 1,400+ retailers sell their goods in a live format
  • Facilitated 10,000+ live shopping events
  • Manages 2+ million completed orders
  • Been voted the 2nd best e-commerce tool in Denmark
  • Gained ambitious customers in 9 countries
  • Welcomed 28+ passionate colleagues

Would you like to know more? Then check out our pricing page and visit our blog to get access to all of our live selling knowhow.

Life shopping is here to stay, and with help from ELISA it can become a quick and easy way for retailers like you to boost your revenue and reach.

Customer Cases

Totteland.dk sold 2,300 bags of dog treats in just one live session

The results of running live sales with ELISA have been substantial for (...)

Ditur.dk got 86,000 views in one single live show assisted by ELISA

ELISA has been a crucial part of Ditur.dk’s live shopping events. Ev (...)

Hobbii gets a 5x higher conversion rate with live stream content and ELISA

Hobbii finds that many of those who watch their live auctions end up b (...)

PurePower created 25% of their monthly turnover in just 45 minutes with ELISA

After PurePower’s very first live shopping event, they knew that thi (...)

Kenja’s weekly live shopping events with ELISA contribute 40% of total revenue

7,100+ viewers and 2,400+ comments in one single live show. These are (...)

With the help of ELISA Kødriget generates a week’s turnover at each live show

Live sales give Kødriget the present and personal touch they want. By (...)

Degn Topshop creates two weeks’ turnover in one ELISA live event

Since Degn Topshop started selling live with ELISA, they have even mor (...)

Pluspige has a yearly turnover of 1,610,000 EUR on live sales alone

In 2020, the Pluspige team had never tried live sales but already in 2 (...)

Jeweler has a turnover of 13,400 EUR per live event with ELISA

Since rokkjaers.dk hosted its first live show assisted by ELISA, the t (...)

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