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Custom integrations Financial management

Xena is an accounting system that is designed especially for you who have a webshop

This app integrates Xena accounting software and your webshop.


This is how integration works

Xena is more than just another online accounting system. Xena is a business system that is designed especially for you who have a Webshop. Xena supports complete inventory management as well as an efficient workflow in connection with your shop and your business.

The integration to your webshop is automatic and two-way, so that prices and stock are always synchronized. Your shop data is displayed directly in Xena. Item information such as prices, weight, texts and much more from the shop is displayed and can be edited directly on the stock card in Xena.

This is necessary to be able to use the advanced options available in Xena for price and discount structure and for an invoice to be written directly in Xena or sales to be made from over a box tied up to Xena.

As long as only a few orders come in, it is relatively easy to see which orders have not yet been delivered and what still needs to be ordered.

As orders come in, you will at any time be able to see which items need to be ordered from your wholesalers in order to be able to deliver the confirmed orders while maintaining the minimum stock.

The order from the wholesaler is based on a purchase order. This way you avoid the key work when your orders arrive!

At the same time, you have a graphical view of all your open orders and how far they are in the system. Each order has a status (eg: "New order from shop", "Confirmed", "Must be contacted", "Must be packed", "Partially delivered", "Delivered", "Delivered and invoiced", etc.)

Now everyone in the company can answer how far an order is and everyone knows what needs to be done to complete each order.


There are a lot of features in Xena, but in a nutshell there are:

  • Online ERP and CRM.
  • Quotation, order and invoice management as well as an overview of ordering and purchases.
  • Inventory management with automatic reorder suggestion.
  • Document management - send your documents to Xena via email and smartphone.
  • Accounting with bank integration and OCR reading of documents, so you avoid manual keystrokes.
  • Free auditor access.
  • Import historical data from your old accounts (eg C5, e-conomic etc.)


Xena would like to take a chat about your needs and show you what is possible.


Read more about Xena online accounting software

Anyone who wants to hear more about how Xena and your webshop work together can write to us at support via chat or at support@xena.biz

They provide a free trial and a review of features and workflow!


One time: Free
Recurring time: Free

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